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Malinois are known for their strong working abilities

Malinois: Not just police dogs!

Also referred to as the Belgian Shepherd Dog, The Belgian Malinois, as it is known in America, is a popular breed in the herding group. They are known for their strong working abilities. Acceptable colors range from light brown to black and dark brown. They are often be compared by those who are not familiar with the breed as little German Shepherds. While they have likenesses, their backgrounds differ and the Malinois is a separate breed.

Malinois range from 22-26 inches tall with males being larger than dams. Average weight ranges from 55-70 pounds. They have a coarse coat that sheds often. The Malinois is a driven breed that was bred to work tirelessly at it's job. Despite their abilities to protect, they are very compassionate to their owners,. Like most canines, if they are properly socialized they are good with strangers. Malinois are known to have some of the highest energy levels of any dog. They are often known to exhibit puppy like behaviors until age 3. It is essential to give these dogs rigorous exercise and stimulation to maintain a healthy relationship. Malinois excel in obedience, agility, tracking and other dog sports.

When looking for a family pet, the Malinois can be a great option. They form strong bonds and are very loving to their family. Dogs need training to thrive and the Malinois is no exception. With a proper outlet for their energy and awareness of their boundaries, they can be great members of the family. As long as they are given the time, Belgian Malinois can give families many years of happiness.

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