German Shepherd Rescue Oregon

German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes are often friendly, playful, extremely loyal, and eager to please.

German Shepherds are Loyal Companions

While their personalities vary from German Shepherd to German Shepherd, one trait remains the same: German Shepherds are loyal companions. German Shepherds are great listeners. A lot of owners find themselves telling dogs things they would not tell anyone else. This is what also makes German Shepherds good therapy animals. A German Shepherd is an especially good pet for someone who lives alone and is lonely.

Social Beings

A lot of German Shepherds are curious by nature. They want to meet other people and dogs. Visit a dog park and you will see not only dogs playing together, but their owners meeting new people and conversing. Because a dog requires daily exercise, the owner is more likely to talk to others while out and about. Dogs are great conversation starters, and many people are likely to approach someone with a pet.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of owning a dog have been studied extensively. Pet owners have lower blood pressure, less anxiety and lower cholesterol. They are less likely to get sick, and when they do get ill, they recover quicker than those without German Shepherds. Also, dog owners who suffer a heart attack live longer than those without a dog. Special therapy dogs can also be trained to help those with special needs.


Many German Shepherds are wonderful guardians of the home. While the level of alertness and action the German Shepherd will take when faced with danger depends on the dog's breed, personality and training, most German Shepherds will bark and alert the master if there is danger. German Shepherds have been known to scare off intruders and alert homeowners of fire. Specially trained dogs can also find missing people, detect bombs and drugs, and assist disabled people.


Because a German Shepherd requires daily exercise, the owner also benefits from this. Daily exercise promotes a healthy weight, gives you stamina and increases your levels of healthy endorphins, making you less likely to become depressed. It also strengthens your muscles and bones. German Shepherds are creatures of habit and will often motivate you to get into a routine and walk or play with them.

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